The Water Authority of North Shore will be holding its next Executive Board meeting on Monday July 29, 2024 at 7:00 PM at the Gold Coast Library Annex located at 40 Railroad Avenue Glen Head, NY 11545

Date/TimeCategoriesMeeting NameLocationAttachment
2024-07-29Regular MeetingMeeting Agenda for July 29, 2024Gold Coast Library AnnexRegular Meeting Agenda for July 29, 2024
2024-06-24Regular MeetingMeeting Agenda for June 24, 2024Gold Coast Library AnnexRegular Meeting Agenda for June 24, 2024
2024-05-16Regular MeetingRegular Meeting Minutes for May 16, 2024Gold Coast Library AnnexMeeting Minutes May 16, 2024
2024-03-06Regular MeetingRegular Meeting Minutes for March 6, 2024Gold Coast Library AnnexMeeting Minutes March 6, 2024
2024-01-31Regular MeetingRegular Meeting January 31, 2024Gold Coast Library AnnexRegular Meeting 1-31-24
2023-12-28Regular MeetingRegular Meeting December 28, 2023Gold Coast Library AnnexRegularMeeting-12-28-23
2023-11-27Regular MeetingRegular Meeting November 27, 2023 4060 Sunrise Highway, Oakdale, New YorkRegular Meeting 11-27-23
2023-10-24Regular MeetingRegular Meeting October 24, 2023260 Motor Highway, Hauppauge, New YorkRegularMeeting-10-24-23
2023-09-26Regular MeetingRegular Meeting September 26, 2023 North Shore High School, Glen Cove Avenue, Glen Head, New YorkRegular Meeting 9-26-23
2023-08-01Regular MeetingBoard Meeting August 1, 2023Gold Coast Library AnnexRegular Meeting 08-01-23
2023-05-31Regular MeetingRegular Meeting May 31, 2023Gold Coast Library AnnexRegularMeeting-05-31-23
2023-03-01Regular MeetingRegular Meeting March 01, 2023Gold Coast Library AnnexRegularMeeting-03-01-23
2023-01-31Regular MeetingRegular Meeting January 31, 2023Gold Coast Library AnnexRegularMeeting-01-31-23
2022-11-29Regular MeetingRegular Meeting November 29, 2022 Gold Coast Library AnnexRegular Meeting 11-29-22
2022-10-25Regular MeetingRegular Meeting September 28, 2022Gold Coast Library AnnexRegularMeeting-10-25-22
2022-09-28Regular MeetingRegular Meeting September 28, 2022Gold Coast Library AnnexRegularMeeting-09-28-22
2022-08-31FinalBoard Meeting August 31, 2022Gold Coast Library AnnexBoardMeeting-08-31-22
2022-08-02FinalBoard Meeting August 02, 2022Gold Coast Library AnnexBoardMeeting-08-02-22
2022-07-18FinalBoard Meeting July 18, 2022Gold Coast Library AnnexBoardMeeting-07-18-22
2022-06-29FinalBoard Meeting June 29, 2022Sea Cliff Village HallBoardMeeting-06-29-22
2022-05-25FinalBoard Meeting May 25, 2022North Shore High SchoolBoardMeeting-05-25-22